To Our Valued Medical & Healthcare Communities

COVID 19 raises countless questions about responsibilities and commitments. We have all grown accustomed to meeting the obligations presented by our careers, loved ones and society as a whole. COVID 19 is forcing everyone around the globe to make tough decisions, at times making it difficult to strike this balance.

Healthcare providers do not have the luxury to “quarantine” themselves. Much like the police and firefighters who have responded to crises of the past, our physicians and allied healthcare workers are the heroes now stepping up to ensure the health and safety of our population.

For many of you, treating patients through telemedicine or in the setting of their own home is now a reality. We have received numerous inquiries concerning coverage for telemedicine, home health services, and other delivery systems. To that end, our team has been in touch with all of the major national insurance carriers on this important issue and are here to help answer any specific questions that you may have. We remind you of the importance of proper licensing, informed consent forms, and policies and procedures that accompany these alternate means of caring for patients.

Acadia continues to pride itself on being available around the clock to our physicians and physician practice and surgi-enter executives. We aim to be a resource for our community at all times, and today is no different. We want you to know that we are here to answer your concerns regarding telemedicine and medical malpractice no questions asked. Please know that if there’s a problem we cannot immediately solve, we work with our extensive network of colleagues until we find the best possible solution.

To meet our commitments to the public, our loved ones and our medical community, we have set up our entire staff to respond to your questions and concerns. We remain available at all times to address any concerns you may have, including those surrounding COVID 19.

We appreciate all you do to keep us and all of your patients safe.

COVID-19 Telemedicine Update