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Acadia has long been an industry leader in healthcare risk management.  We develop and facilitate partnerships between leading medical practices and top risk management specialists (references available).

Acadia creates innovative relationships that provide unprecedented
results in mitigating risk, reducing expenses, and increasing revenue.

Despite competing against some of the largest international corporations, Acadia is a renowned thought leader and the first medical professional liability (MPL) insurance brokerage to link MPL with financial performance.  Indeed, Acadia has created the first of its kind value-based risk advisory board to support our mission.

To be sure, we believe that traditional risk management is important. We remain available to answer pressing risk management questions from our clients; we help create, contribute and/or even run risk management committees; we set up CME-certified, specialty-specific risk management courses/webinars; and we encourage consistent communication between our clients and their respective carrier risk management teams.  That is just the beginning.

According to a recent ten-year study by one of our leading carrier partners, risk management efforts over this period did not have a material impact on patient safety.

With more data available than ever before, new risk management strategies are essential. Leveraging data has proven to be highly effective in building risk management strategies and programs.  Under Acadia’s guidance, our clients are building highly performing care delivery models and demonstrating to our carriers why they are a lower risk than their peers.

Traditional underwriting processes and models need to adapt to data-driven, quality care. 

Together with our clients, Acadia is leading this charge.

Acadia is well ahead of the risk management curve and has a patent pending on a new MPL
underwriting model.

When carriers, physician groups and MSOs want to learn more about data-driven underwriting
and risk management, they contact Acadia.  If your practice is seeking innovative solutions to its
professional liability and financial risk challenges, you should too.

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