Nicolette Johnsen

Director, Client Services

Ms. Johnsen graduated from Rowan University with a BS in Business Management. She is currently on track to furthering her education with a master’s degree in project management.

Prior to Acadia Nicolette worked as an office manager at Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics focusing on the wellbeing of all the patients and efficiency of the practice.

She loves that working at Acadia allows her to be in the business aspect of healthcare.

For the past few years, Nicolette Johnsen has been my contact person for our company’s insurance needs.  She’s my go-to person at Acadia.  She’s incredibly efficient, responsive, and smart.  Nicolette is typically able to respond to most questions, and if she doesn’t have an answer immediately, she’ll find one as quickly as possible.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Nicolette for your company’s insurance necessities.

Lorraine Heller

Bookkeeper, Glasgold Group

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