LeighAnn Armbruster

Director, Client Services

Ms. Armbruster is a graduate of Rutgers University-New Brunswick with a Bachelor’s  Degree in Human Resource Management and Psychology. Prior to joining Acadia, she spent several years working in the Healthcare recruiting industry, helping clients recruit & hire top talent for their facilities. During her time here, LeighAnn supported over 200 clients that ranged throughout the entire gamut of Healthcare, from major NYC hospitals to private practices, to ambulatory surgery centers, and so on, in all areas & specialties (including emergency medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, geriatric medicine, and major surgery).

This past experience helped LeighAnn build a strong knowledge of Healthcare and the Healthcare marketplace from the employers perspective. Presently, LeighAnn is a Client Services Leader here at Acadia where she works closely with many of our largest clients throughout the country.

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