Disability Insurance Program

Acadia clients are now eligible to take advantage of significant savings (15-40%) on physician “Own Specialty” disability insurance, as Acadia partners with Callahan Financial Group, the nation’s leader in “Own Specialty” disability insurance.

We make it easy! Simply fill out the form below and a member from Callahan Financial Group will contact you within 24 hours.

With “Own Specialty” disability insurance, you will be covered in the event that you are unable to perform a majority of the duties required of your specialty due to disability, regardless of what specialty or occupation you are currently working in. Group or other coverage may be taxable, subject to premium increases or simply seen as inadequate when compared to “Own Specialty” coverage. 

As the national leader in professional liability, count on us to provide you with disability insurance options that protect you and your business. It’s just one of the services Acadia provides that makes things simple and efficient for our clients.

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By completing the information below, you will be contacted by a member from Callahan Financial Group within 24 hours to discuss your proposal.

If you want to reach out directly to Callahan Financial to discuss your options please call 609-222-4035