Large Physician-led Medical Practices

We work with large medical practices, their boards, CEOs and Executive Directors to find the most appropriate and affordable liability insurance options for each individual situation to ensure both the business and the reputation of the practice are protected.

Because we understand the business and operations side of operating large practices, we have insights that can help our clients save time and money. Our unmatched relationships with major insurance carriers provide our clients with world-class access to policies along with an exceptional customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Leading professionals that rely on Acadia’s expertise:

Private Equity Firms

We work with Private Equity groups to help them assess their risk and secure medical liability insurance that makes financial sense. Our experience in working with large medical practices, understanding operations, and risk management, makes Acadia uniquely positioned to help Private Equity firms better understand and protect their investment in medical practices.


We work with attorneys who represent medical practices across service lines to help their clients protect their businesses. Our close relationships with attorneys and law firms in both our region and around the country allow us to better serve our clients.


We work with accounts and financial consultants to ensure clients receive appropriate coverage while keeping costs down. Because of our unique position in the marketplace, we can help clients reduce medical malpractice costs while delivering coverage to protect their business.

Healthcare Facilities – Hospital Systems, ASCs, and Laboratories

We serve individual practices and small physician groups with the same quality service and attention to detail as any of our clients. We work with you to help you understand your options and assist in securing a policy that helps protects your practice and reputation. Contact us to learn more.